What’s the point of protesting? (Part 1 of 2)

For these 2 EXCHANGE articles, we reached out to people to ask what they thought about protesting – did they think there was a point? Do they think it achieves anything? Is it right?

We reached out to Ewan after an interesting conversation a few weeks back on the HS2 protests that were taking place, and whether protestors are right to protest, considering decisions are made by a council that has been voted in and represent a majority view.


People protest against newly elected Conservative governments, arms deals, trees getting cut down, wars, meat consumption (the list goes on and on) and I used to think “What’s the point?”.

I thought that these protesters should accept that they are in the minority and should accept that if the rest of the country believed in what they believe in, then elections would solve the problems they see.

I speak past tense here because when thinking about what to write here, I kinda changed my mind. 

I’m your everyday white, straight, Tory. I don’t believe in Extinction Rebellion’s goals, I enjoy our current Government’s approach to a lot of problems and I see no issue with arms deals and drone strikes.

I believe that if enough of the country thought that the goals and aims of recent protests were big issues, then this sentiment would come across in elections, and Labour or the Green Party would be in power. 

When writing this little article I imagined what it would be like it wasn’t my way (if Labour was in power)?

What if it was mandatory to join Extinction Rebellion?

What if our Government put absolutely no money into defence?

I came to the conclusion that I’d probably protest.

I’d probably be out on the streets being as loud and annoying as I could be so that my cause got attention.

I guess this is almost an apology for laughing at protesters, so for that I am sorry.


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