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ideahopping provides factual, accessible information on the world's most pressing issues. Everyone, regardless of education level, should be able to be informed in, and engage with social and political issues. We aim to create a space where all opinions can be shared and authentically discussed and new ideas can be given space to materialise into the solutions the world needs.

Explanations of the pages

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There are so many issues in the world right now and a lot of us want to engage more and voice our opinions. But how do we start when we feel we aren't educated enough? There's so much information available but it feels overwhelming to start reading. And it's hard to talk to friends - we don't want them to see us as ignorant. So we choose not to engage in political conversations.

These 2 pages are for anyone who has felt like they can't engage in an issue or form an opinion because they 'don't know enough' and don't know where to start learning. No one knows everything, but we should all have a place to start.


This space is for anyone who wants information from as basic as possible about specific subjects, and how they tie to specific sociopolitical issues.

INFORM will provide clear, accessible, and non-biased introductions to global issues tailored to a person's existing level of knowledge. The page will point you towards resources to learn more about specific subjects in a general sense, as well as provide collectively written articles about different sociopolitical issues by condensing existing information into easily understandable, factual articles.

Specific terminology and jargon will be explained, so anyone can understand the discourse around these issues. Information will be gathered from a range of sources to avoid bias.

Articles will either address commonly asked questions about issues e.g. "why should I care about the climate crisis", or, for articles that are about 'Left' or 'Right' issues, both perspectives will be written about e.g. "pros and cons of Capitalism" in order to minimise bias, and allow people to explore more than one perspective on a topic.


This page is for people with a general understanding of global issues but who'd like to be more informed and understand the specifics, or don't have the time to read big reports and stay completely informed.

DIGEST will condense large reports, papers, and books, as well as people's 'Big Ideas' into easily understandable articles e.g. "What are the main points in the Communist Manifesto?" or "Who is Jordan Peterson and what does he think?" or "What does the IPCC report actually say?".

There'll be a focus on outlining key takeaways, again, in a way that minimises bias, but remains factual and understandable.


This page is intended to contextualise the abstract 'political issues' addressed in the other pages, into what they actually mean for people - a place for people to share their experiences of life to make these issues tangible, and help others who may not understand why something may be important, see the effects these issues are having on people.

We believe that to truly grow, we need to expose ourselves to opinions and perspectives that may change the way we see the world, however painful that may be. We believe that opinions are just that, opinions. They do not define us, and to label ourselves, and each other, by our identification with a certain perspective at a specific time only serves to alienate us from each other, and the parts of us that we don't want the world to see. We believe that these parts of ourselves are important, and need to be acknowledged, analysed, and developed, instead of hidden away.

As much as possible, an INFORM article will be paired with an EXCHANGE opinion piece - readers can choose whether to read the factual information first, or read about someone's subjective experiences.

Anyone who has something to say can post here, and no discussion is off limits. This is a safe space for people to question and be questioned by other people, and as such, this page is based on mutual respect; everyone has something worth saying and deserves to say it.

A lack of understanding, and questioning based on that, is not a crime: however, we do not condone hate speech of any kind or any discriminatory language. All communication must be based on respect and a willingness to try and understand, even if you may not agree.


A space for formed, unformed, and partially formed ideas to be exchanged, in a non-judgemental, constructive space, where productive discussion and collaboration is the aim. This space is for people of all backgrounds to bring their expertise and knowledge together, to create viable, interdisciplinary solutions to the world’s problems.

We believe that interdisciplinary knowledge is the way forwards, yet in an education system that forces people to choose specific niches from early ages, it's hard for each of us to know enough about a range of subjects. That's why we believe that collaborating with others and sharing knowledge is necessary.

The more we learn about global issues, the more we may feel like we have ideas for solutions. Sometimes the ideas are just that, ideas, and we don't expect them to go anywhere. But sometimes, the idea might be something you really want to work on, but don't know how or where to start. Maybe you need specific Geography knowledge, but the last time you studied that was 6 years ago. Or maybe you have the knowledge to start your project, but don't know where to go from there and get your thoughts out there?

This page aims to help with that: a user simply writes a summary of their idea or project they'd like to work on, including questions they want to research, and specific subject fields they'd like help from, and other users can provide help if they can, helping ideas materialise from thoughts, into viable global solutions!

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